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Pre-state Zionist terrorism

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1: Brith Habirionim or Brit HaBiryonim (Hebrew "the Covenant of Thugs")
2: Palestine Resistance Committee (US fund-raising arm of the Irgun Zvai Leumi)


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#25863 In the Shadow of Stern: The Inside Story of a LEHI Intelligence Officer
by Arno Weinstein in B’tzedek, Summer 1997

#33853 The United Resistance (Tnuat Hameri)
by some supporter of the Irgun in, some date before 2006

#132774 Text of the British White Paper Linking Jewish Agency to Zionist Terrorism in Palestine
by New York Times staff in The New York Times, 25 July 1946

#42524 Fire & Blood
by TIME staff in TIME, 13 January 1947

#42523 A Knock on the Door
by TIME staff in TIME, 3 February 1947

#42522 Showdown
by TIME staff in TIME, 10 February 1947

#42525 "Prisoner of War"
by TIME staff in TIME, 17 February 1947

#42520 Homecoming
by TIME staff in TIME, 15 September 1947

#9394 Timeline of Zionist Terror
by SF Indymedia contributor 2 October 1948

#26413 Memoirs
by Bernard Law Montgomery 1958

#117781 Israël, Israël, Histoire du Groupe Stern 1940-1948
by Nathan (Natan) Friedman-Yellin, Philippe Ganier-Raymond (preface) 1978

#34698 The Palestine Triangle : the struggle between the British, the Jews and the Arabs, 1935-48
by Nicholas Bethell 1979

#1104 Rabin's Murder Rooted in Zionism's Violent Legacy
by Donald Neff in WRMEA (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs), January 1996

#91299 International Terrorism & American Foreign Relations, 1945-1976
by Robert D. Kumamoto 1999

#4060 Israel's Taliban
by Justin Raimondo in, 17 May 2002

#4878 Another Terrorist Bombing: Remembering the Semiramis Hotel
by Margo Schulter January 2003

#5977 The impact of the Jewish Underground upon Anglo-Jewry: 1945-47
by Paul Bagon 2003

#34699 Jewish groups plotted to kill Bevin
by Neil Tweedie, Peter Day in The Daily/Sunday Telegraph, 22 May 2003

#34702 Lehi planned to kill Bevin - MI5
by Douglas Davis in Jerusalem Post, 25 May 2003

#3229 Israel can halt this now
by Oona King in The Guardian, 12 June 2003

#26074 Terrorism and the origins of Israel—Part 1
by Jean Shaoul in World Socialist Web Site, 21 June 2003

#26075 Terrorism and the origins of Israel—Part 2
by Jean Shaoul in World Socialist Web Site, 23 June 2003

#3355 In the Beginning, There Was Terror
by Ronald Bleier in The Link, July 2003

#8019 The Patria Affair: Moderates vs. Activists in Mapai in the 1940s
by Meir Chazan in Journal of Israeli History (formerly called Zionism and, later, Studies in Zionism), Autumn 2003

#4345 Israel fears growing terror threat by settlers
by Chris McGreal in The Guardian, 20 September 2003

#5503 Kosher European terrorism
by Yuval Yavneh in Ha’aretz, 16 January 2004

#5978 Murderous tactics echo the IRA's war on Irish police
by John Keegan in The Daily/Sunday Telegraph, 12 February 2004

#6499 Jon Elmer interviews Uri Avnery
by Uri Avnery, Jon Elmer in The Progressive, April 2004

#12049 Bombers not Martyrs
by Avi Shlaim in London Review of Books, 6 January 2005

#16721 Letter to the LRB editor
by Jacqueline Rose in London Review of Books, 6 January 2005

#15964 Who Started Terrorism in the Arab-Israeli Conflict?
by As’ad AbuKhalil in Angry Arab Blogspot, 23 March 2005

#34695 Jewish plot to kill Bevin in London
by Peter Day in The Times/Sunday Times, 5 March 2006

#34690 Telegram warned of plot to kill Attlee's ministers
by Richard Norton-Taylor in The Guardian, 6 March 2006

#36710 The Poor Man's Air Force - A History of the Car Bomb (Part 1)
by Mike Davis in, 12 April 2006

#37145 The Tzipi Livni test
by Tom Segev in Ha’aretz, 21 April 2006

#40602 Hamas: A Pale Image of the Jewish Irgun And Lehi Gangs
by Donald Neff in WRMEA (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs), May 2006

#42494 Israel should remember its own 'terrorist' origins
by Johann Hari in The Independent, 24 July 2006

#70704 What connects Molotov, Lehi underground?
by Yinon Royhman in Ynet, 5 November 2006

#116319 Oranges for Jaffa
by Mike Davis 1 April 2007

#60272 Buda's Wagon: A Brief History of the Car Bomb
by Mike Davis 1 April 2007

#87405 Jewish guerrillas told British: quit Palestine or die
by Marcus Leroux in The Times/Sunday Times, 19 July 2008

#88271 Etzel pamphlet sells for Ł1,600; Haganah document for just Ł50
by Ofri Ilany in Ha’aretz, 11 August 2008

#126078 Letters: Terror and the birth of Israel - Irgun and Stern terror attacks led to birth of Israel
by James Snowden in The Independent, 13 February 2010

#150706 The Making of History / One man's freedom fighter...
by Tom Segev in Ha’aretz, 20 May 2011

#375206 Coat bomb and explosive prosthesis: British intel files reveal how the Zionist Stern Gang terrorized London
by Calder Walton in Ha’aretz, 02 December 2017

Brith Habirionim or Brit HaBiryonim (Hebrew "the Covenant of Thugs")

#8145 Holy Land, 1929
by Vincent Sheean 1935

#1184 From Haven to Conquest: Readings in Zionism and the Palestine Problem Until 1948
by Walid Khalidi (editor), Ilene Beatty, Alfred Guillaume, Burhan Ad-Din al Fazari, Miguel Asin, Cecil Roth, Stanley Lane-Poole, Elmer Berger, Zia al-Khalidi, Oskar K. Rabinowicz, L. M. C. Van der Hoeven Leonhard, Herbert Sidebotham, Edwin S. Montagu, Leonard Stein, Frank E Manuel, Joseph M. N. Jeffries, Chaim Weizmann, Arthur James Balfour, Louis Dembitz Brandeis, Eustace Percy, Felix Frankfurter, W. F. Stirling, Charles Ashbee, Chaim Arlosoroff, Michael Ionides, Vincent Sheean, John Hope Simpson, Kingsley Martin, Alan Bullock, Ernest Main, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Nevill Barbour, Michael McDonnell, Richard Manning, Alec Seath Kirkbride, Frances Newton, Mohandas K. Gandhi, David Ben-Gurion, Leonard Mosley, A. Granott, Thomas Reid, Jon Kimche, David Kimche, Robert Briscoe, Stephen S. Wise, Morris L. Ernst, William Ernest Hocking, William A. Eddy, Kermit Roosevelt, Frederick Morgan, Francis Williams, Robert A. Divine, James Forrestal, Walter T. Stace, Abba Eban, Muhammad Zafrulla Khan, Carlos P. Romulo, Arnold Krammer, Netanel Lorch, Jacques de Reynier, Harry Levin, R. D. Wilson, John Bagot Glubb, Aage Lundström, Erskine Barton Childers, Hans Kohn 1971, with a second printing in 1987

#8147 The Israeli Radical Right: History, Culture and Politics
by Ehud Sprinzak 1993

#8143 An invitation to Hebron
by Shulamit Aloni 14 August 2004

Palestine Resistance Committee (US fund-raising arm of the Irgun Zvai Leumi)

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#274 Rage and Glory (Za'am v' Tehilah)
with Avi Nesher, 1985

#438 A Date with Bevin
with Mike Thomson, Tony Benn, Edward Horn, Georgina Sinclair, Ezra Yakin, Samuel Katz, Benyamin Getner (Gepner?), Yaakov Heruti, on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 24 July 2006

#3193 On Zionist terrorism
with Thomas Suárez, 11 May 2017


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"We could have settled this whole Palestine thing if U.S. politics had been kept out of it. Terror and Silver are the contributing cause of some, if not all of our troubles."
(by Harry S. Truman, 13 May 1947)

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