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When can I do a full-text search?

We have restricted full-text searches to searching among groups of no more than 120 articles.

Thus, the only way to do a full-text search is to, first, use one of the other search methods to identify a group containing no more than 120 articles.

When your search specification has identified a group containing no more than 120 articles, the results page will contain a button inviting you to do a full-text search among them.
However, note that the system will only be able to search articles in HTML format -- it will not be able to search PDF files or Microsoft Word files.
Also, it can only search those articles which are freely readable on the internet.

A disclaimer applies to this page. This page is not part of the official UCC website. This page is part of a research database of opinions on Palestine and related topics which is maintained by members of the UCC Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which comprises a group of students and staff in the university. The emphasis in this research project is on provenance -- we aim to provide as much information as possible on the background of the people whose opinions are in the database, so that readers can make up their own minds on the credibility that they wish to attach to these opinions.