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What about full-text search?

Is full-text search of articles available?

Yes, subject to the conditions given below.

Limitations on full-text search

A basic article search will look only at the title, abstract and commentary for articles (and, at the author's name, if specified).

Full-text search of articles and books is possible, but note the following points:

How to do a full-text search

  1. First, use either a basic article search or an advanced search to identify a subset of articles in the database
  2. Check that your search has returned no more than 120 items. If this limit has been exceeded, go back to step 1.
  3. If your search has produced no more than 120 items, you will be invited to perform a full-text search of these. To perform the full-text search, use the button provided.


When selecting articles/maps/audio-visual material or quotations, if you want to search the author/speaker's name, you must specify the desired words in the special author/speaker box.

A disclaimer applies to this page. This page is not part of the official UCC website. This page is part of a research database of opinions on Palestine and related topics which is maintained by members of the UCC Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which comprises a group of students and staff in the university. The emphasis in this research project is on provenance -- we aim to provide as much information as possible on the background of the people whose opinions are in the database, so that readers can make up their own minds on the credibility that they wish to attach to these opinions.