Randomly-chosen quotation:
"I believe our role as artists to enlist in Israeli hasbara. This is a war to save our home, to save our nation. In time of war, we must all enlist. Period. I grasp hands with our soldiers, yes those so moral; and strengthen the IDF as a moral army such as you won’t find in all the world."
(Idan Raichel, 2012)
Nour Kayed Faiq Issa Nour Kayed Faiq Issa is a teenage (16 years-old) political prisoner from Anata, Jerusalem gov. He has the dubious record of being the youngest Palestinian arbitrarily imprisoned by the Israeli military authorities. He has been held without charges or trial. All indications are that his imprisonment is meant to screw his family because his brother engaged in a resistance action against Israelis.

Number of days arbitrarily imprisoned during his latest ordeal:

Percentage of Nour Issa’s life in prison: 3.0%

Recent events
19-24 Sep 2017
Israeli military block off access points to the occupied territories due to Jewish New Year
18 Sep 2017
U.S. opens first permanent military base in Israel
12 Sep 2017
Israeli political party approves plan to annex West Bank and force Palestinian departure
Israeli military bulldozers razed border area near Khan Yunis
9 Sep 2017
Large Israeli military force invaded Jubbet al-Dhib; demolished school, stole tools, brutalized Palestinian residents and volunteers
7 Sep 2017
Israeli warplanes bomb CERS facility and military base near Masyaf, Syria
4 Sep 2017
Large military contingent invades Sheikh Jarrah and evicts the Shamasneh family
Palestinian Authority goons imprison Issa Amro
31 Aug 2017
Israeli military release two Hamas leaders from long-term arbitrary imprisonment
Israeli military invaded the al-Huriya radio station near Al Khalil, smashed equipment and closed down its operation
27 Aug 2017
Projected, but cancelled, event in Basel to mark 120 years since first Zionist Congress
23 Aug 2017
Israeli military staged night-time invasion of house, and kidnapped Salah Hamouri, a Palestinian lawyer and human rights activist – yet again
late Aug 2017
Israeli High Court hearing on legal challenge to expropriation law