Randomly-chosen quotation:
"Moreover, The New Republic is not merely an iconic American institution, it is also—or was from 1974 to 2012, when it was owned by centrist liberal Martin Peretz—one of the brightest beacons of American Zionism."
(Joshua Muravchik, April 2014)
Khader Adnan ends 55-day-long hunger strike! He will be released on 12 July 2015
Recent events
3 Jul 2015
Palestinian Authority collaborators imprison 108+ Hamas supporters in West Bank in coordination with Israeli military
UN Human Rights Council adopts resolution condemning Israel over 2014 Gaza war
Israeli army officer shoots and kills Palestinian teenager on his way to pray
1 Jul 2015
Multiple terrorist attacks in Sinai
30 Jun 2015
US State Department issues statement saying US will not protect Israeli settlements against BDS campaign
30th General Synod of United Church of Christ Votes to boycott and divest from companies profiting from Israeli occupation
29 Jun 2015
Violent Israeli attack prevents projected arrival of flotilla in Gaza
Khader Adnan ends hunger strike after obtaining agreement from the Israeli military authority for an early release
Shooting incident near settlement of Shvut Rachel
26 Jun 2015
Shooting incident at Hamra/Beka'ot checkpoint
25 Jun 2015
Palestinian Authority submits first documents on Israeli war crimes to International Criminal Court