Randomly-chosen quotation:
"Kibbutzes? They are colonial communities based on a fundamental lie."
(Ilan Halevi, 2000)
Majd Kayyal, journalist, prisoner
Majd Kayyal, a 22-year-old Palestinian journalist and activist, was arrested on 5 April 2014 upon returning from a trip to Jordan and Lebanon. He is being held in an Israel jail, under Shin Bet interrogation, and without legal representation. There is a press gag order on his case within Israel.

Majd is an activist in Adalah (where he was the website editor) and Balad. He also edits the political and cultural website, Qadita and the English-language blog, Message to the Tricontinental.

Number of days arbitrarily imprisoned:

Recent events
12 Apr 2014
Yitzhar settlers attack Israeli army base
9 Apr 2014
General chronic harassment: Gaza: Israeli military raze border farmland; menace residents with gunfire; fire on fishing boats. WB: Soldiers storm houses; kidnap at least 10 Palestinians; destroy cistern; raze farmland. Settlers attack students; injure 4 year-old child; march thru Nahhalin.
9-12 Apr 2014
Visit to Israel and West Bank by leader of British Labour Party
8 Apr 2014
Israel seizes three EU-funded humanitarian aid projects in West Bank
U.S. Secretary of State tells Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Israel caused deadlock in peace talks
Israeli prime minister tells ministers to stop meetings with Palestinian counterparts
General chronic harassment: Israeli military invade numerous houses; steal money; destroy farm infrastructure; kidnap at least 21 Palestinians. Settlers stage provocative march at the Al Aqsa mosque courtyard; attack farmers and houses in Burin (yet again)
7 Apr 2014
General chronic harassment: Israeli military invade town; storm houses; steal commercial supplies; destroy farm infrastructure; kidnap at least 11 Palestinians. Settlers with military escort invade Al Aqsa mosque courtyard.
early Apr 2014
Global Coalition for Israel conference in London