Randomly-chosen quotation:
"I had a telegram from the Muslim-Christian Association of Jaffa in which it is stated that the Buraq is the sole property of the Muslims. Of course it is. Everybody except some of the extreme Zionist Jews recognize that that is so."
(John Chancellor, October 1929)
Recent events
9 Aug 2018
Israeli airstrikes demolish Said al-Mishal Foundation for Culture and Science in Gaza
29 Jul 2018
Israeli forces intercept, board and re-direct Freedom Flotilla Coalition boat
21 Jul 2018
hours after ceasefire was reached, Israeli artillery shells site in Malaka in Gaza
20 Jul 2018
Israeli troops kill 4 Palestinians at Gaza border
extensive Israeli strikes on Gaza
first Israeli soldier killed on Gaza front in active duty since 2014 war on Gaza
19 Jul 2018
Israel adopts Jewish 'nation state' law
17 Jul 2018
International law on crime of aggression comes into force
Israel signs cooperation deal with Europol that doesn't mention settlements