Randomly-chosen quotation:
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. "
(Martin Luther King, 16 April 1963)
Ahed Tamimi Ahed Tamimi is a 16 year-old Palestinian activist from Nabi Saleh. She is the daughter of Bassem and Nariman Tamimi, both long-term non-violent activists against Israeli oppression. On 19 December 2017, Ahed was filmed confronting soldiers who had invaded her village, and had shot her 15 year-old cousin (Muhammed Fades Tamimi). That same night soldiers invaded and ransacked her house, stole computers and mobile devices, and kidnapped Ahed. The following day, Nariman was also imprisoned when she came to check the status of her daughter.

Number of days arbitrarily imprisoned during her latest ordeal:

Percentage of Ahed Tamimi’s life in prison: 0.5%

Recent events
17 Jan 2018
Large military contingent staged night-time invasion of Jenin and Jenin refugee camp; destroyed houses, provoked confrontation, killed at least two Palestinians
16 Jan 2018
US slashes contribution to UNRWA by more than 50%
15 Jan 2018
Assassination #4 of 2018: Young man shot by sniper during demonstration
14-19 Jan 2018
Visit to India by Israeli prime minister
13 Jan 2018
Israeli planes bomb Gaza border, reportedly to destroy tunnel
9 Jan 2018
Israeli warplanes bomb military site on the outskirts of Damascus
7 Jan 2018
Israeli government reveals list of foreign NGOs banned over BDS support
4 Jan 2018
Knesset passes death penalty for Palestinians-only on its first reading
3 Jan 2018
Israeli sniper assassinates another teenager (cousin of Ahed Tamimi) -- first of the year
2 Jan 2018
US ambassador to United Nations Nikki Haley says Trump administration wants to stop funding UNRWA
end of • Israeli warplanes and artillery bomb several areas in Gaza
1 Jan 2018
Israeli military bulldozers raze border area and crops near Qarara, Gaza
29 Dec 2017
Israeli military staged large scale invasion of Beit Ummar; ransacked houses and kidnapped 4 (inc. former prisoners)