Randomly-chosen quotation:
"It isn’t explanations and whining justifications that the country [Israel] needs now, but a far-reaching correction of its view of military morality."
(Haaretz Editorial, 24 June 2015)
Recent events
21 Feb 2017
Israeli soldier sentenced to 18 months for deliberately killing already over-powered Palestinian
19 Feb 2017
Israel orders demolition of entire West Bank Bedouin village
17 Feb 2017
General chronic harassment Gaza: Israeli military kidnapped man attempting to enter Israel. WB: Israeli military brutally suppress several non-violent demonstrations; stage night-time raids on villages; injure 4, kidnap at least one Palestinian. Settlers stage hateful actions at Al Aqsa mosque and Sebastiya; intentionally run over young man
16 Feb 2017
General chronic harassment Israeli military invade several villages, storm and ransack houses, ransack and block off workshops; kidnap at least 14 Palestinians (inc. children). Soldiers maintain lock-down of Husan, and steal several vehicles.
15 Feb 2017
Trump-Netanyahu meeting, in which US president says he is agnostic about whether Israel and Palestine should be two states or one
14-20 Feb 2017
Projected NFL trip to Israel sponsored by Israeli government.
13 Feb 2017
Israeli president says Israel should annex West Bank and give full citizenship to those living there
mid Feb 2017
UN secretary-general phones Israeli politician and offers her position of under-secretary-general
10 Feb 2017
Trump's envoy to UN blocks ex-Palestinian PM from UN job 'to support Israel'
9 Feb 2017
In interview with right-wing Israeli paper, Trump makes apparent U-turn on Israeli settlement growth