Randomly-chosen quotation:
"But the state also bears responsibility for the tension: For years, it has been stirring the ethnic pot by making a distinction between “good Arabs” and “bad Arabs” – portraying Christian Arabs as loyal, Muslim Arabs as a fifth column and Druze as “flesh of our flesh.”"
(Haaretz Editorial, 18 November 2014)
Recent events
24 Mar 2017
The Israel Lobby and American Policy conference
19 Mar 2017
Israeli drone strike kills member of Syrian pro-government militia
17 Mar 2017
Senior UN official resigns after UN secretary general orders withdrawal of document implicating Israel in the Crime of Apartheid
Israeli warplanes bomb several sites in Syria; Israel acting as ISIS's airforce again
mid Mar 2017
Israeli supreme court recognizes East Jerusalem Palestinians as 'native-born residents'
15 Mar 2017
General chronic harassment Gaza: Israeli military bulldozers razed farmland. WB: Israeli military staged night-time harassment operations, invaded villages; brutalized commuters; destroyed houses; seriously injure 8 (inc. live ammo), kidnap at least 39 Palestinians. Settlers with military escort stage hateful action at Al Aqsa mosque
Israeli warplanes bomb the Shujaaiya area; electricity infrastructure destroyed
14 Mar 2017
Israeli military stage night time invasion of Bilin; stormed Iyad Burnat’s house and kidnapped his son
General chronic harassment Israeli military conducted large scale night-time invasions, stormed houses, provoked confrontations; brutalized school children; stole caravan; demolished buildings; kidnapped at least 14 Palestinians. Settlers with military escort steal yet more land.
13-16 Mar 2017
visit to Israel and West Bank by former settlement guard who has become advisor to US president
13 Mar 2017
Hundreds of demonstrators protest against the Palestinian authority brutality in Ramallah
General chronic harassment Israeli military stage large-scale night-time invasions of villages, storm houses; murder young man, kidnap at least 4 Palestinians. Settlers with military escort stage hateful action at Al Aqsa mosque
12 Mar 2017
Israeli military kidnap Samira Halaiqa, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council