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"For most of 1955-56, the most likely British intervention did indeed look like being in support of their ally Jordan against the secret Suez associate, Israel. Only at the last minute was a new choice of enemy made."
(Eric Grove, 2008)
Summer 2014 Gaza Massacre

Total number of fatalities: 663 (as of 24 July 2014)

Total injured (estimate): 4,520 (1,213 children, 698 women)

Number of hospitals destroyed/damaged: 7

Number of mosques destroyed: 56

Number of schools damaged/destroyed: 46

Number of stadiums bombed: 3 (out of 3)

Number of chicken farms destroyed: 5

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NB: The start of the onslaught against Gaza predates the official Israeli date for their so-called operation. On 1 July 2014, there were 34 bombing raids causing casualties. There were similar attacks on 3, 6, and 7 of July. The list above only counts the victims and destruction post-8 July.
Recent events
23 Jul 2014
Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza's only power generation plant
Deir Balah and Al-Wafa hospitals bombed
21 Jul 2014
Israeli tanks shell Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir al-Balah; 5 killed, at least 50 wounded
21-22 Jul 2014
Israeli artillery shells hit the Maghazi Preparatory Girls School, in the Maghazi refugee camp
20 Jul 2014
Israeli air-strike kills at least 26 members of one family
Israeli sniper kills wounded civilian who is searching for his family members
19 Jul 2014
start of • Shujaiyeh Massacre
ISIS-imposed deadline for Mosul Christians to convert, flee or die
17 Jul 2014
start of • Israel ground offensive against Gaza