Randomly-chosen quotation:
"Hillary [Clinton] just wants to be Golda Meir."
(Joseph R. Biden, Jr., some date before April 2016)
Recent events
13 Aug 2017
Israeli military release Ahmad Qatamish, a prominent academic and activist, from 3 months arbitrary imprisonment
10 Aug 2017
Israeli undercover soldiers staged night-time invasion of Beit Rima; provoked confrontation; 5 residents seriously injured (live ammo)
Large military contingent with military bulldozers staged night-time invasion of villages; imposed curfew; destroyed the houses of family members of assailants/martyrs
9 Aug 2017
Large military force staged a night-time invasion of area in Al Khalil; stormed dozens of houses; kidnapped four residents including Badran Jaber
Israeli military blocked off and invaded Kobar; ransacked houses; brutalized 15 (inc. live ammo) and kidnapped four residents
8 Aug 2017
Israeli warplanes bomb several areas in Gaza; 4 injured; dozens of houses damaged
6 Aug 2017
Israeli military blocked off the Al Arroub refugee camp; harassed residents
Israel announces the removal of accreditation of Al Jazeera journalists and the closure of their office
4 Aug 2017
Israel imprisons Mohammed Abu Teir, a Palestinian leader, yet again
2-3 Aug 2017
Israeli military place Yatta under lockdown; so-called deterrent actions after violent incident
1 Aug 2017
Hundreds of settlers with large police escort invade Haram Sharif / Al Aqsa mosque compound