Randomly-chosen quotation:
"The Zionists want a Jewish state in which the Arabs, the indigenous population, will live as a minority. But if a national state is to be founded here, I believe the Arabs have the,most right to it. They have been living here for the last 1,200 years. However, I am strongly of the opinion that Palestine is not the place, for a national state, whether Jew or Arab. "
(Albert Viton, 26 December 1936)
Recent events
20 Jun 2017
US urges UN to designate Hamas as a terrorist organization
Israel begins laying the foundations for a new settlement
19 Jun 2017
Israel implements power supply reductions on Gaza
Russian military stops hotline contact with US military to prevent conflict escalation in Syria
18 Jun 2017
US warplane shoots down Syrian warplane over Syria
Iranian military fires six missiles against jihadi positions in Eastern Syria
17 Jun 2017
start of • Israeli military and border police invade and lock down Deir Abu Meshal; residents brutalized, houses ransacked; demonstrators injured with live ammunition
14 Jun 2017
Egyptian parliament approves transfer of Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia
8 Jun 2017
end of • Flying of Palestinian flag above Dublin City Hall as a gesture of solidarity
Israeli military extends arbitrary imprisonment of Hasan Safadi by another six months
Knesset East and Knesset West celebrate "reunification" of Jerusalem