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"That is the essence of socialism: expanding democracy beyond the realm of politics and applying it to the economy and all of society."
(Dov Khenin, 15 July 2015)
Nour Kayed Faiq Issa Nour Kayed Faiq Issa is a teenage (16 years-old) political prisoner from Anata, Jerusalem gov. He has the dubious record of being the youngest Palestinian arbitrarily imprisoned by the Israeli military authorities. He has been held without charges or trial. All indications are that his imprisonment is meant to screw his family because his brother engaged in a resistance action against Israelis.

Number of days arbitrarily imprisoned during his latest ordeal:

Percentage of Nour Issa’s life in prison: 4.3%

Recent events
11 Dec 2017
Putin orders reduction of Russian military presence in Syria
8-13 Dec 2017
Israeli warplanes bomb several areas of Gaza; 2 dead and at least 28 injured
8 Dec 2017
UN Security Council special session on U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel
7 Dec 2017
Israeli military finally release two Palestinian activists arbitrarily imprisoned for long terms
7-15 Dec 2017
Days of Rage: major demonstrations in West Bank and Jerusalem; 1000+ injured (inc. live ammunition), 5 dead; dozens kidnapped
6 Dec 2017
Czech Republic says it recognizes West Jerusalem as Israel's capital
Declaration by US president that US recognises Jerusalem as capital of Israel and will start building new embassy there (Balfour Declaration II)
4 Dec 2017
Israeli warplanes bomb site near Damascus
1-4 Dec 2017
Israeli warplanes attack Iranian military base near Al-Kiswa, south of Damascus
1 Dec 2017
former US national security adviser pleads guilty in court to lying to FBI about illegal request to Russia that it postpone UN Security Council vote on Israeli settlements