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Rocky, apparently a friend of Steven Plaut (certainly a fellow conspirator), is a Zionist idiot who harassed the ALEF electronic discussion forum for a period during the Autumn of 2004.

Rocky masqueraded as a pro-Zionist Palestinian Arab living in the West Bank, using the pseudonyms "Yusuf Abdullah" and "Yusuf Chouri" for this invented persona.

Unfortunately for himself and for Plaut, Rocky screwed up, as he confesses in the first email quoted below, which he sent to Plaut but which he accidentally copied to all the people named in the cc (carbon-copy distribution) list for the message. One of the recipients, Yael Korin, copied it to the ALEF forum. Rocky must have been very het up when he sent this email, because, when sending it, he repeated the same error that he admits in the email -- that is, he copied what was intended to be a private conspiratorial message to many of the people who were the intended victims of his conspiracy.

Incidentally, Rocky's repeated use of the acronym "BBC" below is incorrect -- it should be "BCC" or "bcc" (blind carbon-copy distribution). Coming on top of the fact that his attempted scam was based on the use of bcc distribution, Rocky's not knowing the correct name for the feature is is just one more indication of the fact that he is a schmuck. Dr. Plaut really should choose his fellow conspirators more carefully.

The emphasis on blind carbon-copy (bcc) is especially interesting because it is reminiscent of an instruction that Plaut had given a few months earlier: in April 2004, Plaut had boasted that he had stolen the ALEF emailing list and said that the best way to fool ALEF subscribers into believing that they were receiving messages from the ALEF server was to use bcc when sending out mass-mailings -- see the biographical entry for Plaut.

Anyhow, here is the email in which Rocky confesses his mistake to Steven Plaut. The typographical errors appeared in the original:

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 15:47:58 -0800 (PST)
From: Yusuf Jones 
Subject: Ohhhh, Nooooooo
X-Probable-Spam: no
X-Spam-Hits: 0.986


It just happened. I may have ****ed up royally. I just sent out my 
first batch of "[ALEF] Get that monkey off my back" emails. My first 
attempts at sending them as BBC all failed. I got the message "There 
was a problem. Your BBC contains too many addresses." In the past I 
was able to have up to 25 BBCs per each mailing. SO I reducedc it to 
20... then 15... then a dozen and still got the error message. So I 
transferred the addresses from BBC to CC and was able to send off all 
25 of them.

Then it hit me! I forgot to remove YOUR name from the list so your 
email went out with those first 25. I'm usually very careful about 
things like that which is why I generally only use BBC. But my mind 
is pre-occupied with so many other things that need to be done that I 
got careless.

I havonly sent out those first 25 emails. I won't send out the 
remainder. I hope this will not cause a problem.

Sorry, Rocky

Apparently, Rocky's above email was triggered by the mistake that he had made, a few minutes earlier, when he sent the following email. Again, the typographical errors appeared in the original:

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 15:41:00 -0800 (PST)
From: Yusuf Jones 
Subject: [ALEF]  Get That Monkey Off My Back!
X-Probable-Spam: no
X-Spam-Hits: 1.051
X-Spam-Score: *

I strongly suspect that my Hotmail account was sabotaged by Ran 
HaCohen. You know. The Ran HaCohen who endorses Hizbollah attacks on 
Northern Israel. The help prevent this from
happening again, the good people at Yahoo have installed a security 
wall (actually, it's an
electronic fence) around my new account. They agree that an 
Israel-supporting Arab's voice
is a terrible thing to waste.

           Re: Arab Fiddle While Nablus Burns"

I know there's plenty of accusatory middle fingers pointed at the IDF 
for making that Arab
play "Chopsticks" on his fiddle. From what I can see, they only 
wanted to be sure there
were no rocket launchers, small nuclear devices or perhaps a half 
dozen Arab midgets with
rocks inside his case. This was a defensive move, pure and simple. 
But the pro-Arab
propagandists and certain Jewish intellectual professors connected 
the dots and saw a
similarity between Jews made to play at death camps.

This was not the case at that checkpoint. If you were to look closely 
at photos, you'd see
quite clearly that there was a hat [with "Go Red Socks" on it] at 
this Arab's dusty sandals
and inside that hat was quite a significant collection of Israeli 
sheckels. The man was not
there being humiliated. He was there trying to make a few bucks! What 
next? Perhaps Ran
HaCohen at the end of a monkey chain playing Richard Wagner tunes?

Peace. Shalom. Salam.

Yusuf, your token Arab who adores Israel.

The email just quoted was triggered by the fact that Ran HaCohen had complained to Microsoft about the use of a hotmail account, , to send the racist email quoted below to the ALEF forum. Microsoft disabled that account on 8 December 2004, because it violated the Hotmail Terms of Use. This upset Rocky, leading to the sequence of emails from Rocky to Plaut quoted above.

Two days before Rocky sent the sequence of emails quoted above, he had sent the following piece to his list of ALEF subscribers. This email, which was sent by Rocky using the pseudonym "Yusuf Abdullah", was prompted by the fact that, after repeated violations, his previous "Yusuf Chouri" persona had been excluded from the ALEF forum.

From: "Yusuf Abdullah" 
Subject: [ALEF] Arabs 4 Israel .. Including Me
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 23:40:50 -0500

I nearly s**t out my Arab pancreas when I was sent a link to this page!
"Arabs for Israel" 
I hate to say this but these guys make most of the [ALEF] crew look like [PFLP] supporters. 
Hey, don't take this remark personally for I truly wish to have my [ALEF] membership 
re-established [ASAP]. I ask that you please put in a few good words for me. 
Peace. Shalom. Salam,

A few days earlier, Rocky, still using his earlier "Yusuf Chouri" persona, had sent the following email to Avraham Oz, moderator of the ALEF forum, complaining abut the fact that, finally, "Yusuf" had been excluded from the forum, after ignoring repeated requests to abide by the rules of the forum. Again, the typographical errors appeared in the original:

From: "yusuf chouri" 
Date: 03:03:59 GMT+02:00 2 =E3=F6=EE=E1=F8 2004
Subject: [ALEF] "How Dare You!"

How dare ALEF terminate my membership as a free Arab man and scholar 
and deny me the right to post commentary onto the ALEF site!

Do you not like what a free-thinking, educated Arab has to say? Must 
I agree and march lockstep with your anti-Zionist views? Can I not
admire brave Jews who struggle daily against both external
treats and threats by its very own citizens?

Yesterday, a certain Yael Korin wrote the following message to ALEF
members. "I do believe that this address []
belong to a provocateur, that has taken up a middle eastern sounding
name, so they could pretend to be someone they are not."

First of all, I use the name, Yusuf Chouri, to keep my true identity 
secret for I live in what you call the "occupied territories" and
would certainly be branded as a collaborator. You see, I see it
differently than my fellow Palestinians. I see Arab murderers and
thieves as occupying=A0your land. Further, were it not for Arab thugs,
my famil;y and I would be fully employed and living more comfortably
than we are now under Fatah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

Secondly, who does Yael Korin think she is lecturing me about
pretending to be someone I are not? I have attached a photo of Yael
Korin pretending to be an Arab when, in fact, she was born a Jew!
She even wrapped on a kaffiya! And you think I am the one with a problem!

You think I am the one with a sick, dual personality. You think I am
the enemy?

There are others among you that deserve to be investigated. People
like that flunky Marxist, anti-Semite, anti-Zionist professor Ran
Greenstein at some backwater South African university. Now that
he's abandoned Israel, moved thousands of miles away and married a 
shvastse, does he have the right to cast shame on Israel?
Shouldn't he more concerned about trying not to be eaten by
the local cannibals? And, speaking of local cannibals, do any of his students 
know how to read? Why is he allowed to spew hatred against Israel while 
I cannot spew love and admiration for the Israeli people?
What, may I ask, is ALEF's purpose? To make Israel safer or
to denegrate her at every turn?

In conclusion, I ask that you reinstate me onto your ALEF
group. I also appeal directly to Avraham "Oz", the wizard
who created the ALEF group. Without his personal efforts to
bring together Jews for Jihad, how would the world
understand why more Jews are in therapy than any other
group on the face of the earth. Continuing along this line
of thought, I cannot help wonder if they make explosive
belts in his size.

I look forward to my re-instatement into ALEF. A letter of
apology would be appreciated but not expected.

Peace. Shalom. Salam.
Yusuf Chouri

The email above, which reeks of racism, is a good example of the kind of stuff that Rocky, using the pseudonym "Yusuf Chouri", had been previously sending to the ALEF forum and for which he had been removed from the forum. Its use of the word "shvastse" (presumably a typo for "shvartse", Yiddisch for "black") is just yet another giveaway of that fact that, while he pretends to be a Palestinian Arab, he is basically someone whose English is laced with Yiddisch -- he would appear to be a Jewish American Zionist fanatic. If his claim to be living in the West Bank is to be believed, he is one of the American settler hooligans who have been making Palestinian lives there a misery.

Footnote: The ALEF forum is hosted at the University of Haifa but has subscribers and contributors from around the world. Its Israeli contributors include Ran HaCohen, Uri Davis and Ilan Pappe. Although the name ALEF stands for Academic LEFt, the forum's moderator, Prof. Avraham Oz of Haifa University, bends over backwards to allow right-wing contributors to have their say, even though these people frequently break the ettiquette of the list. Only very rarely, and usually after repeated offences, such as repeated egregiously racist comments, are such contributors removed from the forum.

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