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Professor Avraham Oz is a peace activist and has attracted, from right-wing Zionists, the label "Merchant of Menace". He created the electronic academic discussion forum, ALEF. As long ago as 1982, he went on a coast-to-coast mission in the US, sponsored by the Association of Arab Students of America and the late Edward Said, with Dr Salim Tamari of Bir-Zeit University, to jointly campaign against the frequent closure of academic institutions of higher education in the occupied territories. For three weeks they toured the US from San Francisco to New York, sharing platforms in public meetings, press conferences, TV shows, radio programs.

Oz was born in Tel Aviv and holds degrees from Tel Aviv University and The University of Btristol. Until 2000 he was the Head of the Department of Theatre, the University of Haifa, which he founded in 1994. In 2000-2003, he served as the director of the University Theatre at the University of Haifa, which is affiliated to the Department of Theatre. He was removed from the post in what is perceived as an attack on him for his political views.

Between the years 1982-86 Oz served as the Head of the Department of Theatre Arts, Tel Aviv University; He is teaching at the University of Haifa, Tel Aviv University, and the Beit Zvi School of Dramatic Art; was a visiting lecturer at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem and The University of Delaware; served many years as an associate artistic director at The Cameri Theatre, and dramaturg at the Haifa Municipal Theatre; was a theatre critic for two of the major daily papers in Israel (Lamerhav, and later Ha'aretz) as well as on the Israeli National Radio; was a theatre editor for the Literary magazin Akhshav (1968-1973), and had a weekly show on theatre on theIsraeli National Radio (1968-1971).

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