Marwan Bishara

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Marwan Bishara says of himself that

"Growing up in Nazareth, an Arab in a Jewish state, a secular Christian in a traditional Muslim society, a leftist in a Baptist school, I learned firsthand how managing ideological, religious and national differences helps us evolve peacefully. Succumbing to them generates fundamentalism andantagonism. Applying brute force to overcome them-as Israel, my country, has done to my people, the Palestinian Arabs-fails utterly." (this article)
He is a brother of Azmi Bishara.

You can hear an interview with Bishara which was broadcast on WBUR (a National Public Radio affiliate station in Boston) on 8 March 2002.

Bishara was (at least until 2003) a professor of International Relations at the American University in Paris. He was next (2004) a political analyst for Abu Dhabi Television. He is now (2009) a senior political analyst for Al Jazeera.

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