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Tue, 19 Aug 2003
Suicide bombing on bus in Jerusalem
Thu, 31 Jul 2003
Amendment of 1952 Citizenship Law, to deny citizenship to West Bank/Gaza spouses of Israelis

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Who violated the hudna?

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Article/book #: 3877
Title: Who violated the hudna?
By: Gideon Levy  
Published in: Ha’aretz
Date of issue: Sunday, 17 August 2003
Topic(s) addressed:


The next terror strike is on its way. You don't need to be an expert on terror, or a compulsive gambler, to foresee that Islamic Jihad will try very soon to avenge the death of Mohammed Sider, the head of the organization's military wing in Hebron. Experience teaches that virtually every such assassination breeds a terror attack. This week, in response to the slaying of Hamas men Hamis Abu-Salam and Faiz A-Sadar at Nablus' Askar refugee camp - assassinations accompanied by the killing of two innocent men, Fazi Al-Alami and Mahmoud a-Tak - reprisals were not long in coming. These came as two suicide attacks, at Ariel and at Rosh Ha'ayin. Much as Israel claims that the Palestinians are violating the truce and regrouping in order to perpetrate savage acts of terror, its pleading can't alter the facts: up until Israel renewed its assassinations campaign, there were no suicide bombings, and the two attacks last week were direct responses to the Askar refugee camp slayings. Is this fact on the minds of the assassinations' planners each time they plot another operation? ... Today, the assassinations do not only provoke more bloodshed: they threaten to derail the road map as a whole, and, because this prospect is so obvious, it can plausibly be suspected that the government's aim is, precisely, to forestall the renewed diplomatic process.

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